36,000 feet.

I seriously hate flying alone. I find it solemn and boring. Those of you who know me well know that I’m an extreme extrovert. So naturally, going without talking for hours can drive me insane. I’m annoyed that my flight took off an hour late. I’m not interested paying $5 for a thin sheet of a “blanket”, even though I’m currently freezing my butt off.

Thankfully, God didn’t allow me to stay with a bad attitude for long today. I’m a firm believer that God speaks very clearly through our thoughts, and I’m certain He told me to shape up my stupid attitude and start writing.

So here I am, flying at 36,707 feet to be exact, drinking burnt Dunkin Donuts coffee, staring out my 14A, window seat (Ben Rector anyone!?)

And I’m awestruck.

God is reminding me in this moment that:

1. There is no striving in His grace. He’s got that covered.

2. His love for me (and for you!) is wider and deeper than the ocean I’m staring out at. His love for us is an ENDLESS ocean that never runs dry or void. He continually pours out His love for us in the form of relentless protection and pursuit.

3. He is never deceiving. He is not like the clouds, appearing to be full, strong, and impenetrable, but break apart at the touch of this airplane’s wing. The clouds appear strong and able to stand alone, but they are like weak vapor. My God stands true in who He is, displaying the strength of His might and His great goodness.

4. The more time I spend getting to know my best friend and Savior Jesus, the more I realize how desperate I am for Him. The closer I grow to Him, the more I realize my sinful and foolish heart. I never want this humility and craving for Him to end.

5. God’s great and scandalous love for us should invoke deep adoration for Him, followed by complete surrender. He runs after us to capture our hearts every day, and we actively choose to turn away. When we discipline ourselves to see His relentlessness to bring us to Himself, we will not be able to live a comfort seeking life. We will not be half-ass worshippers of Jesus (pardon my French). We will not have the ability bored and apathetic in our walk with the Lord. We will not be silent. We will become more like Jesus.

If you are bored, and not absolutely riveted by the Gospel more and more each day you pursue God, do you really know Him? Have you really decided to give your heart in surrender to His will for your life?

It’s the coolest thing in the world to get to know God. I’m so incredibly treasured, loved, and pursued by the God of the freakin universe. Like WHAT!?

So are you. I pray you know that and believe it with your whole heart.

Update: the sun pouring in from my window is helping my frostbite situation, I just got a bag of pretzels from the flight attendant, and I don’t feel bored or solemn anymore, because my heavenly Father is with me. Flying alone isn’t so bad after all. Life is so, so good.

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