i’m thankful for my tight leash.

I like to put my God in a box.

It’s comforting. A safe bet. Instinctive, even.

But… that eventually catches up to me. It brings disappointment and unmet expectations. Frustration. Entitlement. Discontentment. Honestly, my most difficult struggles in my walk with Jesus have resulted from expecting Him to do something according to my timetable, or allowing myself to be frustrated at God when His idea for my life didn’t quite align with my own.

Because, you know, the world revolves around me. God is my magical genie. Why do I feel like God isn’t even listening?

I have executed the pinnacle of entitlement and ignorance, folks. On many occasions.

Thank goodness that my God consistently breaks the walls down that I attempt to suppress Him in. He recognizes that I’m totally out-to-lunch half the time. So, he is faithful to not leave me hanging with stones made to ashes at my feet and flames abounding.

And He reminds me of what is true.

Sometimes, God uses people and situations to echo His character. For example… my mentor (who’s basically Wonder Woman) said something super intriguing to me today.

She told me that I should thank God that He has me on a tight leash.

At first, I almost laughed. What in the world is that supposed to mean?

As I prodded for a better explanation, she reminded me that because I have experienced intimacy with God and walk with Him daily, I would never be able to find the same fulfillment anywhere else. Even if I tried to run, the weight of sin and discontentment would quickly grip me the moment I strayed too far. What an amazing act of love and protection!

I know the leash analogy may seem a little controlling or ridiculous, but try to go with me on this.

God loves and pursues me so faithfully to the point where I would never want to run. I would never even attempt to seek everlasting joy in anything else. He has drawn me close to Himself so relentlessly that I could never turn away at this point. His grace is MORE than sufficient for me and His power has been perfected through my weaknesses. The more I learn to keep my hands open, the more his strength is multiplied within me and the clearer my ears and heart become to hear his voice.

To me, that’s one of the most profound aspects of God’s perfect character.

You see, the closer I draw near to my Lord Jesus, the more and more He displays who He really is.

I believe that because of our fallen nature and futile minds that we will never be able to fully grasp the glory of God in our lives, but He is faithful to reveal layers to us the closer we cling to Him.

That’s the thing about trying to put God in a box. He will cut down every expectation you try to place on Him and show you how His plans and character are so much deeper, greater, and more fulfilling than you could ever dream of.

Right now, I am learning that the more I cling to what is true about God, the more He is breaking down the walls I have tried to box Him into.

He daily draws me into His presence to reveal another aspect of his infinite love and faithfulness.

He continues the practice of unclenching my hands and allowing me to find the freedom in total surrender.

He steadfastly reveals my sins to me in such a way to further my dependence on Him and my reverence towards Him.

His unstoppable love becomes more real. I will never thirst or need for anything, because He holds me gently in His arms. His love breaks all chains.

If you’re still with me at this point, I would encourage you to read Ephesians 3: 14-20.

The more God roots and grounds us in His love,  and(the more faithfully He tears down our boxes we put Him in as we draw near to Him), the greater we will get to know God and fall in love with Him.

We have the ability to love and be loved by God in an intimate relationship with Him. HE CHOOSES US. It all comes down to us accepting His free gift of grace.

Now that is love.

One Reply to “i’m thankful for my tight leash.”

  1. Thank you sweet sister! A good and insightful word. As Betsy Ten Boom ( The Hiding Place ) said to Corrie as they heard the bombs falling over Haarlem, There is no safe place except in the center of God’s will.

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